This year, I’ve been centring my course choices around more practical options. One such course chosen was Archaeological Illustration. I was super excited for this course and am so glad to say I’ve loved this past term. One of the main reasons for this was my final assessment project .

While one project consisted of an excavation plan digital drawing the other was a free project. Some people chose to do artefact illustrations, others went down a reconstruction route. For mine I chose to do an educational poster aimed at primary school children as I wanted to experiment with colours and expanding archaeology’s reach beyond academia. For my subject/muse I selected a topic close to my heart – the Lindisfarne Gospels.

The Lindisfarne Gospels is stored in the British Library over 300 miles from its birthplace. Many locals know little or nothing at all about its origin or even what it is. Hence I decided to address this issue from the bottom up through school children. Luckily, I had some keen northern cousins to test my ideas out on and refine the illustration!

Anyway, essay over – here’s the final piece: