(One exam down, one to go)

Over the last academic year, I was lucky enough to work with Edinburgh University Archaeology Society as the Publicity Officer. I was responsible for a range of things from marketing to managing the social media (was lucky enough to be invited to SHSMG!)  but I also got to have some fun with design. 

So, as a mini exam break thought I’d document some of the work I created for ArchSoc’s events. It should be noted that I am a great user of Canva which is a graphics program I would highly recommend using!

1. Cave of Wonders

For an end of year celebration, ArchSoc organised a ‘Cave of Wonders’ flat party. I decided the gems fit nicely with that theme while at the same time looking pretty jazzy

2. Cake 🎂

The university had asked to host an event to encourage final year students to complete the NSS survey (something I don’t completely agree with). And what pulls student in? Food. More specifically free food.

3. ArchSoc Fieldwork Fair

Our big event! For this event we had invited many different lecturers and professors to talk about their current field projects open to students. In addition, we gathered people from multiple archaeological companies in and around Edinburgh including Historic Scotland, DigIt! and more. Originally our poster was very plain, too wordy and not very eye catching so I produced this which was then put up on the digital screens around university.

4. Latest Event

Our latest event is a clash of Archaeology and Eurovision – maybe Vere Gordon Childe would have attended this party? I wanted to incorporate the host country Ukraine’s flag and did so by using a blue and yellow colour palette 🇺🇦
Hope you enjoyed this rather simple blog post for now, I plan to build up content over the next fortnight or so..aaaand will potentially be starting my very own archaeology podcast (thinking Relic Radio?) at some point this year