It’s round 2.

I am finally all set up for my second bout of fieldwork as part of my degree! This time round we’re hitting up Monte Bernorio near Santander in Spain.

The site is home to an Iron Age oppidum and was an epicentre to the Cabtabri people until their defeat by the Roman Army under Emperor Augustus’ rule. As a likely result of this defeat, down the hill (literally) from the Monte Bernorio fort is a Roman military camp. With so many different past cultures present at the site, it is bound to be a both educational and exciting dig!

Like many excavations abroad, it’s an expensive trip (don’t worry, cheaper and free digs can be found closer to home here in the UK) but it will definitely be worth it. As well as excavating these rich past cultures, we’ll also be immersed in the modern local Spanish culture. I’ve been attempting to learn some of the language but at this rate I feel it’ll get us into more bad situations than out of them.

I’m off at the end of July so until then gotta get my grind on and raise up the funds to get there!